Our Philosophy

At Northcliff we have a long tradition of offering quality pre-school education for children from 18 months to 6 years. We aim to provide a stimulating but relaxed and secure atmosphere in which a child can develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually - growing in confidence and self-esteem and acquiring the skills necessary for formal education.

This is achieved by learning through play and by providing well chosen educational materials and equipment, and a programme of themes suitable for the pre-school years. The programme is designed to meet the needs of the child at all stages of development so that he is well prepared to move forward to Grade One. Enthusiastic, sensitive staff helps to create a warm, loving atmosphere. Together with our superb facilities this forms an ideal building block in a child's pre-primary education. Our motto is "learning is fun".

Our History

After the establishment of Northcliff Primary School, both teachers and parents felt the need for a nursery school that would cater for the pre-school child. Northcliff Nursery School Association was opened in 1971 and provided a much needed safe haven and quality education for pre-school children. We were therefore one of the very first nursery schools in our area!

Currently our caring staff members consist of Mrs. Alberts, our principal and Mrs. Boynton-Lee, our bursar. Then we have four well qualified teachers, Mrs. Wellman (Green Group and Grade R teacher), Mrs. Badibanga (Red Group teacher), Mrs. Smith (Yellow Group teacher) and Mrs. Germs (Blue Group teacher). Mrs. Phaho is our teacher's assistant in the Blue Group. All our teachers have first-aid training to ensure the safety of the children.